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dailylists's Journal

Daily Lists
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This is a community that started out as a tool for myself. When I get depressed, I tend to become lazy, and practically counter productive. I then decided to make a list everyday consisting of what I wanted to accomplish that day, three things that are good in my life, and three things that I like in myself.

It was suggested to me to open this journal up to the entire LiveJournal population.

This is a place where you can make any kind of lists you would like. You do not need to follow the template I stand by. You can list things you need to buy, or movies you want to see. You can list how many fingers you lost this week. I don't care at all. People with "issues" aren't the only people allowed here. This is a place for anyone with the desire to make a list!

The Rulz0rs:
1. I will not tolerate personal attacks on any member in this community. It will result in immediate banning.
2. No begging for codes. This isn't the place for it. I believe there are actual communities for that specific purpose.
3. Do not spam this community. It's quite alright if you're advertising something that is pertenant to the topic of this community, that's fine. Otherwise, I'll kick you in the butt.
4. Be supportive of others.. Just because you may not find something to be important that someone else holds dear, doesn't mean you have the right to call them into question.

If you have any questions as me, agentlizzle. Feel free to check out my other community, howtodeal.